Sunday, February 28, 2016

Alumawood with Steel

By using steel and concrete you can increase you post spacing to extreme lengths.

This whole is 3'x3 (36"x36") and takes 3 guys about an hour to dig one hole. (picture below)

After the digging is complete the city will inspected the whole for compliance with specifications on permit. Then the concrete pour will be order and the steel posts set. (picture below)
Once the steel has been set the concrete patio slab can be poured around the posts. Below is the finished product of the Alumawood build.
A patio this size would need aluminum posts every 6 to 8 feet but with the steel and footing the post spacing was able to span 20 feet. This took a a patio that would need 7-8 posts and made it possible with only 3.

This post is to show what is possible. The one thing to remember is that this make the job much more labor intensive and costs more in material. On this patio it was several thousands more to have the steel framing done. It is great but in the end you get what you pay for... hope this was helpful.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


As Alumawood builders we construct our patio covers on concrete slabs 90% of the time so it only makes sense to share some information on concrete companies we know an recommend. If you called us and asked we would give you the number for Cory's Custom Concrete. We know a few more if Cory is too busy, but in this post we want to show off some of his recent work.
Phone: 951-972-9233

Here's a front yard area in Lake Elsinore with old granite and two colors of concrete.

 Here's another one in Wildomar. Old granite stamp with pour in place seat wall.

Drive way extension in Menifee California

Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Better Look

GIf you are in the market for a home inspection then look no further.
Buyer's inspection
Pre leasing inspection
Pre listing inspection

900 Plus Square Feet of Alumawood Patio Cover

Picking up the job at Amerimax Building Products

View of the top of a Alumawood Newport Patio (6"flat panel)

16'x57' Alumawood Patio Cover

Another angle from under the patio cover

Panoramic Picture of Alumawood Patio Cover